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Short-term research stays for final theses for students and graduates

Program Description

The Martin Schmeißer scholarship may be granted to Bachelor's or Master's students working on their final thesis.


Requirement: the thesis must require at least two months of research abroad. The total scholarship amount is limited to a maximum of €1,500.


The deadline is 15 February and 15 September of each year.


Application requirements:

• a maximum three-page long description of your project (you may choose your own format, but please only send typed descriptions); you should clearly present why a stay abroad is necessary for your thesis,

• a recommendation from a professor who is supervising your thesis,

• a declaration from your advisor stating that a stay abroad for research purposes is necessary for your thesis,

• a statement from the host institution abroad that you may work on your project there,

• résumé/CV and transcript of records.

You are not allowed to receive two scholarships at the same time; if you receive the Martin Schmeißer Scholarship, you must not accept another scholarship from another organization.


Further information is available here.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Barbara Schneider or Andrea Schöne (International Office).

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