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International Students

Dear international students,


We are pleased that you are interested in studying at TU Dortmund University or have enrolled for studying here. The following pages include information about our services, events and information about studying in Dortmund.

Whether you are an applicant or you have been studying here for a while, you will find information on the application process or about everyday life as a student in Dortmund.  If you are a doctoral candidate or are considering beginning your doctoral studies in Dortmund, you will also find the information you need here. In addition, we would love to have our alumni remain in contact with us.

If you are planning to come to Dortmund for one or two semesters as an exchange student (ERASMUS / USA, ISEP, Others), if you would like to participate in our international summer program or you are coming to Dortmund as an intern, you will also find all information here.




1 Applicants     1 Exchange E     1 Exchange USA    offers refugees


1 ISP     1 Interns     1 PhD


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3 Work



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