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Research Project

The International Summer Program offers you the opportunity to undertake a research project in addition to or instead of the track specific courses. When opting for a research project, you are still welcome to join the German language class and the cultural program.



Research Project in Engineering


Labor_BauwesenYou can participate in a scientific project along with Dortmund Ph.D. students and professors, which gives you the chance to work systematically in a cross-cultural team and to develop your international skills.

If you choose to participate in a research project, you are supposed to work between June 3 and July 25, 2015 on a topic from a chosen area of your interest. If you are interested in doing a part-time research project as well as attending courses, this can be organized. But it is necessary that you let us know in advance by contacting or .



If you have questions about the topics, doubts about your qualifications, or any comments, please contact or .

If you have a special topic you would like to work on, please check TU Dortmund University's website for a chair and their respective junior researcher who is working in your area of interest and address your project application letter to him or her (see Application process). After receiving this information from you, we will try to arrange a project. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the willingness of each researcher for leading a project.

Research Project in German and European Studies

TrackB.klein3You can undertake a part-time or full-time research project with a specialist in your area of interest. For further information please contact .



Application Process

In addition to filling out the online application form, you also have to submit a formal letter of application. This letter should begin with a short self description including your name, age, home university, number of completed semesters, and your field of study. Furthermore you should add the research area you would like to work in as well as any previous qualifications you have in this field, such as courses you attended, other projects or internships. If you have no experience in your preferred field, please indicate why you think you are capable of doing a research project in this area.

Send this letter along with the rest of your application (online application form, CV, transcript, and photo) to:

On the application form, please indicate that you would like to do a research project.



You will be informed about your admission to the ISP until mid-March 2016. Afterwards we will find a suitable project for you and organize the contact between you and your project supervisor until mid-April 2016.


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Student's Comments

"I had flexible and friendly people in the lab! The experience was extremely helpful!"

(Participant, ISP 2014)


"For me, the most important and interesting activity was the scientific project. It was a very constructive experience."

(Participant, ISP 2010)


"I have had the best experience here. I chose to perform independent research and I have learned an incredible amount about research from my advisor and the entire Amerikanistik department."

(Lindsay Hodgens, University of Montevallo, ISP 2012)