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Track B: German & European Studies

The German and European Studies track offers classes mostly dealing with German culture in European and global contexts. You will join other international and German students in exploring together and from different points of view new developments in German and European culture.



You can select from courses dealing with German culture in European and global contexts. In class, you and other internationals will join German students in exploring together and from different points of view new developments in German and European culture.


Please note: courses in Track B change each semester. The list of courses below shows the classes that will most likely be offered during the ISP 2020. However, all classes are subject to change. Final course selections will only be made upon your arrival in Dortmund.


What is “German”? German History and Identity Formation

Jan Hildenhagen

The Union at Risk: History and the Future of the European Union

Jan Hildenhagen

The Democratic Canaan: Transnational Images of the United States in Charles Sealfield's Fiction

Walter Grünzweig

"We always must strive to keep moving forward": Stories of Social Change and Progress in Germany and the US

Julia Sattler

Todd Haynes, Douglas Sirk and Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Melodrama between the United States and Europe

Sibylle Klemm

Representations of Dortmund – A Project Seminar

Bernd Eßmann

"Be afraid. Be very afraid." - The History of the American Horror Film, 1930 – 2020

Sandra Danneil

War and Conflict Reporting Through the Feminist Lens

Marta Twardowska

For more information, please download the Course Catalog 2020.

This course offering is complemented by the mandatory German language course and the optional course on Germany - Politics, Culture, and Society.

You can also undertake a research project in addition to or instead of the offered courses. Please click here for more information on the research project.


Independent Study Projects

Trackb.klein4If you are interested in carrying out an independent study project in a special academic topic not covered by the program, we will advise you accordingly. Please contact  for further information.





Target Group

The track is offered for American and other international students with an interest in German language, literature, and culture in European and global contexts.



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Hanna Rückl

Faculty of Cultural Studies

phone 0049 - 231 755 7157

Course Catalog

Course Catalog 2020

Students’ Comments

"This program is a very well-rounded experience: not only does it add on to our cultural knowledge, but it also allows the students to advance their curricular work during the summer!"

(Participant, ISP 2014)


"A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that most people are not very aware of. I found myself often pleasantly surprised at characteristics of the German culture."

(Participant, ISP 2012)


“What an incredible way to spend the summer. The program is full of interesting courses, people, and places. Dortmund is a fantastic city to explore and practice German in, and a good distance to many exciting sites in the country.”

(Participant, ISP 2010)


“Studying in the same setting as the course content allowed for travel and visitations which not only complemented our learning, but allowed us to immediately digest it. Everything we learned in our class was immediately applicable to our stay in Dortmund.”

(Participant, ISP 2010)