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The ISP enables participants to fully experience the German culture, people, and language while connecting with their fellow international students in one of Europe's most important metropolitan areas, the "Ruhrgebiet". As Dortmund is located in the geographical centre of Europe, students from all over the world  enjoy not only exploring the Ruhr area and its attractions, but also going on trips to other European cities like Paris, London, or Barcelona.



The program takes place during the second half of the German summer term, i.e. from the beginning of June until the end of July. This timespan coincides with the international students' summer break, allowing participants to earn credits during their summer vacation. The academic experience is rounded off by a diversified cultural program and fun excursions. Students may explore the Ruhr area, or visit the historical cities of North Rhine-Westphalia such as Cologne and Münster.



The ISP offers excellent students innovative, hands-on study opportunities in upcoming fields. It is designed to build your resume, your experience and extend your network. You can select from a wide range of classes from Engineering (Track A), German and European Studies (Track B) to Entrepreneurship (Track C).

A unique feature of the ISP is that international summer program classes are integrated into regular summer semester courses, along with German and international students. All courses are in English and you will have wonderful opportunities to acquire basic German language skills or develop your German competence in the German language course.

Credits will transfer directly to your home institution after the successful completion of the program. To successfully complete the International Summerprogram you will have to complete at least one of your chosen courses.


For more information, please go to program features or click on the different tracks.

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Students' Comments

"It’s a really good program. If you do research, then it’s probably like no other study abroad experience you can find! Great opportunities, great location, great people. The semester ticket is a massive utility and there are a lot of opportunities to travel. The program is a good length, it gives you enough time to actually experience Germany (as opposed to most 1-month summer programs) but it is short enough that you don’t have to take time out of your busy semester schedule."

(Participant, ISP 2018)


"I enjoyed the exploration of the German culture, not only from the perspective of a visitor but also from that of a student. Being able to experience a foreign country is always a privilege and I am grateful have learned at TU Dortmund but in addition to making friends with students from around the world. Thank you for this opportunity."

(Participant, ISP 2018)


"The ISP was definitely enriching in a number of areas: I was able to improve my German language, visit various cultural institutions as well as meet so many new people. It definitely was a great summer!"

(Participant, ISP 2015)


"The ISP helped me to feel at home in another country. It gave me the opportunity to travel to other countries and when I came back to Germany after my trips it felt like home!"

(Participant, ISP 2014)


"I would have regretted not doing this program! This program gave me a great balance of academic courses and cultural experiences, and plenty of time to do what I want. The program organizers and the doubles are very friendly and helpful."

(Participant, ISP 2012)