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Program Features

German Language Course

The German language course is a mandatory part of the program. Language classes on all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) will be offered to improve existing language skills or help you to get started in German. The German language course will be part of your schedule twice a week for three hours each.


Cultural Program and Excursions

A cultural program and excursions are included in the program. You may explore the Ruhr Area, Germany's largest - and greenest - metropolitan area, historical cities like Cologne and Münster, and participate in a number of activities in and around Dortmund such as a visit to Germany's largest soccer stadium or the impressive Art Noveau coal mine at Zeche Zollern.


Dortmund Doubles Program

You will be teamed up with German students who will help you become part of campus and city life (Dortmund Doubles Program).


Research Project

You can also undertake a research project in addition to or instead of normal studies within the ISP.  This means that you can do your research project with a specialist in your area of interest and are also welcome to take part in the German language course and the cultural program and excursions.

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Additional benefits

  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Public transportation ticket (for the whole state of NRW)
  • Cultural program and excursions
  • Pick-up service from Dortmund’s central train station