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Meet the staff

Your contact for organizational questions is:

Lea Thomas, International Office
phone 004-9231 755-6351


The directors of the International Summer Program are:

Engell_2016 neu Professor Dr. Sebastian Engell, Faculty of Biochemical- and Chemical Engineering
Walter Grünzweig Professor Dr. Walter Grünzweig, Faculty of Culture Studies


Your academic coordinators are:

Gerlich Stefanie Klein 29%2c08%2c18

Track A

M. Sc. Stefanie Gerlich, Faculty of Biochemical- and Chemical Engineering
phone 0049 - 231 755-7378


Track B

Hanna Rückl, Faculty of Culture Studies
phone 0049 - 231 755 7157

Foto Anh Dinh

Track C

Anh Dinh, Faculty of Business and Economics
Phone 0049 – 231 755-3463