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International Teaching Internship in Dortmund

Through TU Dortmund University's cooperation with the International School Ruhr in Essen we are also able to organize full-time English-language teaching internships for our bilateral/university-wide and ISEP exchange partners. Credit may be earned through TU Dortmund University. 


General Information

  • Requirements: As the entire school operates in English, interns must have excellent English language skills. German language skills are not necessary. The internship is open to Education majors as well as other majors that could lead to an occupation working with youth and children.
  • Internship Duration: Ideally 2-3 months for Secondary Years, longer for Early/Primary Years. In general 4 weeks to 6 months possible. Start and end dates are flexible, however we recommend that interns first participate in the 4-week Intensive German Language Course (September or March) before starting the internship.
  • Possible Teaching Subjects: All subjects offered by the school, but especially the following IB DP subjects (grades 11-12): Biology, Math, Chemistry, History, Geography, English, Spanish, German, Business Management
  • Services: Interns are enrolled as students at TU Dortmund University and receive the same services as exchange students, e.g. the assignment to an academic adviser, pairing with a Dortmund Double and accommodation. Interns may also take classes at TU Dortmund University, as long as these do not coincide with the teaching times.
  • Apply: Through the regular exchange application.




International School Ruhr

International School Ruhr is dedicated to promoting inquiry-based learning and the educational approaches offered by SBW Haus des Lernens and the International Baccalaureate. With this in mind, the school believes in building lasting relationships in order to share their experiences and knowledge with future teachers who are embarking on their careers in education.  


  • Primary Years Program (ages 3-11)
    Interns would join the international team of educators in the Primary Years Program (PYP), which is one of the most renowned educational programs in the world.  Interns would assist Homeroom Teachers and take part in the daily routines of our youngest students. They would also participate in any in-house professional development offered, and would take part in our collaborative planning meetings. Interns would be given valuable insight into lesson planning and would learn about our approaches – inquiry cycles, Units of Inquiry, etc.  

  • Secondary Years Program (ages 12-18)
    Interns would join the experienced team of international educators, and would learn more about the Cambridge IGCSE program – the most popular international qualifications for 14-16 years old, as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a prestigious pre-university program recognized by leading universities world-wide.  Along with these international programs, interns would learn about the unique SBW approaches developed by the parent company in Switzerland – autonomous learning, coaching and compacting lessons.  Interns would assist SY teachers in their daily tasks and would actively participate in lessons, autonomous learning periods, etc. They would be invited to take part in any in-house professional development events, as well as collaborative meetings when possible.  SY teachers would share insight into lesson and unit planning and would give interns real-life experience in teaching in a secondary school.


More information about the school's programs and approaches can be found below: