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Health Insurance

EU Citizens

Exchange students holding a European citizenship can normally use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) during their stay in Dortmund. Please ask at your health insurance company whether your health insurance is valid during your stay in Germany for the purpose of studying and make sure that your policy covers all emergencies in Germany.

It might also make sense to conclude a foreign travel health insurance in addition since the European Health Insurance Card only covers medically necessary treatments (please ask your insurance company at home).


Non-EU Citizens

  • You will have to take out a German health insurance in your first week in Germany!
  • You can only enrol at a German university if you can prove sufficient insurance coverage.
  • With a German insurance you can be sure that almost all costs will be covered.
  • Right now, the insurance contribution amounts to approximately 90€ per month for students.
  • There are two insurance companies on campus.



An exemption from the compulsory health insurance is only possible if you can present a verification to a German insurance company that you are sufficiently insured for the time of your studies at TU Dortmund University (e.g. private health insurance).

Your private health insurance from your home country must cover the following services in all cases:

  • ambulant medical and dental treatment
  • stationary hospital treatment
  • supply of pharmaceuticals

Health insurances from outside of Germany mostly do not cover these services!



If you come to Germany in March or September for the Intensive German Language Course, you will have to bring an insurance from your home country for the first month because you are not yet officially matriculated at TU Dortmund University! Otherwise, you will not be insured for the month of March or September! Your German health insurance will come into force in April or October!

For ISEP-students: Although it is not required for students to enroll in ISEP Health Insurance (due to the German National Health Insurance requirement), it is highly recommended that students enroll for at least one month at the beginning and end of their exchange to cover periods of travel outside of Germany. Students will not be covered under German National Health Insurance until the start date of their program. If students have questions, please contact ISEP Central.


Students over the age of 30

Students who are older than 30 years have to take out a private insurance. But do not worry, the International Office will assist you.


A helpful dictionary

The Deutsches Studierendenwerk published an illustrated dictionary in GER-ENG dealing with the topic “First Aid/Medical Certificate, Package Insert and Referral” which might prove to be useful during your stay.