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Below you will find some basic information. Please make sure to read the detailed information carefully as well (see the menu on the left)!

1. Application / Planning your stay


Online Application (more information)
  • Find the link to the online application and additional information here.

  • Follow the steps that are explained at the beginning of the online application: apply online, print the PDF version of the online application, let your departmental coordinator sign the PDF, scan the signed application and send us only this document via .

  • There is no option to change the dates stated after you have submitted the application online but you can make notes or correct the information on the printed PDFF by hand or inform us via if anything needs to be corrected.

  • Semester dates & exam period: Find the semester dates at the end of this website and get in contact with the departmental coordinator regardingthe exam period.

  • Take the dates of the German Intensive Language Course into account.


Learning Agreement (more information)
  • Normally you receive a template for the Learning Agreement from your home university, please ask there first. If there is no special template from you home university, you can use the form we provide on our website.

  • The courses will be published only a few weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, but you can use the course catalog for reference and the departmental coordinator will help you as well.

  • If you do not hand in the Learning Agreement during your online application, please hand it in as soon as possible after your application.


Accommodation (more information)
  • Upload the application for accommodation during the online application if you want us to book a room for you. After your application was accepted by the departmental coordinator, you will receive more information on how and when you need to transfer 750€ (500€ deposit + 250€ down payment on the first rent) with the Welcome Email.

  • Rooms can only be booked for whole months.

  • Rooms can only be booked until the end of February (if you stay in the winter term) or the end of August (if you stay in the summer term).

  • Equipment: The rent includes furniture as well as a pillow, a blanket, double sheets and two towels. Most dormitories also provide kitchen ware.

  • We cannot take any wishes concerning the dormitory or the roommates into account.

  • Looking for accommodation on your own: if you did not want or could not book a room in a student dorm via the International Office, you will find alternative options for accommodation here (please note that you cannot directly apply for a room at the Studierendenwerk).

Welcome email / Documents needed for visa application (more information)
  • After your application was accepted by the departmental coordinator at TU Dortmund University, you will receive the welcome email as an official confirmation (please read the check list you receive with the welcome email very carefully).
  • Visa: you will have to apply for a visa for the purpose of study if you are not holding an EU citizenship. You will also have to apply for a visa for the purpose of study if you are a non-EU citizen studying in another EU country and holding a residence permit in another EU country. In this case we also highly recommend applying for the visa at the local German mission before arriving in Germany. We will send you the documents needed for the visa application after receiving the confirmation from the departmental coordinator by email and mail.


2. After your arrival
  • You will receive detailed information during the Welcome Session at the beginning of the German Intensive Language Course. If you are accepted to TU Dortmund University, please also read the check list you receive with the welcome email carefully.


3. During your stay
  • Extension: if you want to stay for another semester, your home university and the departmental coordinator at TU Dortmund University need to confirm this vai . Please note that you will have to look for accommodation yourself if you extend your ERASMUS+ mobility.

  • Working during your stay: See the official job portal Stellenwerk for job offers (You need to clarify if and how much you are allowed to work beside your studies).

  • If you need to see a doctor: in Germany one only visits hospitals in urgent cases when regular doctors are closed (Wednesday in the afternoon, on the weekend and at night). On this website, you can search for a doctor (state the type of doctor you are looking for under "Was" and start searching). If you click on a doctor, you can see his/her language skills.

  • Emergency Numbers: 112 (Emergency Medical Service / Fire Department); 110 (Police)