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Staying Another Semester

Staying for a full year

If you signed up to study at TU Dortmund University for a full year, you will need to re-register at the beginning of the next semester. The forms for re-registration and for paying the next semester's fee will be sent to your unimail before the end of your first semester.

Prolonging your stay

If you did not sign up for an entire year and you decide throughout your first semester that you want to extend your stay for an additional semester, you have to pay the fee as well.

However, you also have to notify the ERASMUS Incomings Coordinator Miriam Gothe in the International Office in time; otherwise you will not receive the forms for re-registration or your semeseter ticket, even if you have paid the fee.

Please note that also the coordinator at your home university as well as your departmental coordinator at TU Dortmund University have to confirm the extension via .


You only need to present your health insurance certificate during the first registration, as long as nothing has changed in your first contract. However, do make sure that you extend your health insurance plan to cover your second semester; otherwise you will no longer be able to study at TU Dortmund University.