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Before entering the country

Students from non EU/EWR countries (third countries)

Please note that you may need a visa for Germany, even if you have a residence permit for another EU-country.

Inform yourself about the entry requirements as well as what documents you need in order to apply for a visa via the German embassy in your home country as soon as possible. Apply for the visa or residence permit while you are still in your home country. 

ATTENTION: The processing of the visa application can take a few weeks or months, so apply as soon as possible.

How do you apply for your visa?

Please read here for further information on the visa application.

Which documents are necessary to apply for a visa?

  • a valid passport, passport photos
  • a university entrance qualification recognized by Germany (A-Levels or equivalent)
  • proof of your previous academic performance
  • proof of financial resources (e.g. blocked account, Leagal Obligation Committment, scholarship or other sources of income)
  • letter of admission from the TU Dortmund


ATTENTION: Do NOT come to Germany with  a tourist/travelers visa (Schengen-Visum). It cannot be extended and is only valid three months.

After your arrival

Registration at the Foreigners' Registration Office

Everyone who lives in Germany must register their residency within the first three days after their arrival at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (Ausländeramt).
It is highly recommended to set up an appointment for the registration process online to avoid long waiting time. However, reserving a registration appointment is not mandatory.

Which documents are necessary for the registration at the Foreigners‘ Registration Office?

Here you will find the required documents for the residency registration.


When should you inform the Foreigners´ Registration Office (Ausländeramt) about changes during your residence?

IF you leave Germany for a semester abroad or a vacation semester

IF you work as a freelancer

IF you change your major or university

IF you lose your passport

IF you have missed the visa extension appointment



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