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The ISS@Do is an international student society in Dortmund, founded by several initiators from the come2campus-program and a platform for international and German students with the purpose of bringing both worlds together. The platform gives students the possibility of getting to know each other, share experiences and exchange tips and advice or ask questions. In addition, we organize excursions, trips to the stadium, pub crawls, Christmas celebrations or parties. We always welcome your support and new ideas!

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patenschaften_teambild2The Mentoring Program

We support the mentoring program in order to bring together international students and local people. International students can get to know senior citizens who are also studying at the university. Through this we would like to help international students ease their way into the German culture and everyday life. This is not only a great opportunity for the students from abroad but also for the senior mentors to gain an insight into different backgrounds and cultures and therefore a whole new perspective.

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Associations and special interest groups

At TU Dortmund University there are many associations and interest groups which also consist of students from the same home country. This way, students can easily make friends with other students. Additionally, the Protestant and Catholic Churches are represented on campus. You can find an overview here (in German).



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