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Health Insurance

Please be aware of the fact that every student needs to be insured!

Without a certificate from your health insurance provider, the university is not able to accept or reconfirm you as a student.


  • By law, you have to be a member of a statutory health insurance (GKV) or possess an exception document (Befreiung von der GKV) from the statutory health insurance (GKV). This applies to international students under the age of 30. The monthly rate for the statutory health insurance is about €110.00.
  • Students attending a preperatory German language course have to possess a private health insurance. As soon as you are registered at the private health insurance, you should request the exception document which releases you from the obligation of having to be registered at a statutory health insurance in Germany. 
  • International students aged 30 and older cannot be a member of the statutory health insurance. Please be aware that the private health insurance benefits can vary regarding which provider you choose. In order to obtain a suitable health insurance fitting your needs, you should carefully read through the insurance policy and inform yourself about the benefits included.


Important: We would like to bring to your attention that all health insurances are in a position to cancel your contract if fees are not paid accordingly.

The health insurance provider will also inform the university that the contract has been canceled and that the person is no longer a member. Thereupon, you will be automatically exmatriculated.

You can also find helpful information and advice about health insurance on the following websites:



Liability Insurance

It is not obligatory for students to have an liability insurance but we strongly advise it.

You need it in the event that you unintentionally harm another person. You usually have to compensate the damaged party. If you are insured, your liability insurance will pay.

You can get this sort of insurance at any insurance company. It costs about €5 per month.









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