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Before departure

It is best to think about how you will finance your studies before you travel to Germany. Financing your studies must be ensured in order to apply for a visa at the German embassy. Also take into consideration that it is not possible to support your studies in Germany with a (part-time) job whilst studying (§16 Abs.3 AufenthG).

What are the required means of susteance to enter Germany?


Living in Dortmund/NRW

Included in the cost of living are rent, food, clothing and so on which have to be paid every month. In order to meet expenses you have to anticipate approximately €650 per month.

We wish to remind you that this estimation does NOT include leisure activities but that money can be saved by taking advantage of special student offers.

For further information on special student offers please contact the ASTA. Some of the information mentioned can be found in the social survey conducted by the German Student Services.

Semester fees

The semester fees are compulsory. By paying a social contribution we want to ensure reasonable meal prices in the cafeteria as well as a semester ticket for the use of the public transportation in North Rhine-Westphalia. We would like to point out that in addition to the semester fees there are also living costs to be considered (Summer semester 2016: €262,57). 

Financial support during your studies


Help Fund AStA TU Dortmund

(interest-free) loan for students


Contact person:

Ms. Rahele B.-Yazdi


Härtefallausgleich AStA TU Dortmund

Semester Ticket Refund


Contact form

Studierendenwerk Dortmund

(Student services)

Notfallhilfe für Studierende

Financial help for students who face financial hardships.

DAKA Loan und FAQs on Bafög Counseling for international students

Contact person:

Mr. Ralf Unruh 


Church Organisations

Protestant Student Community (ESG)



Catholic Student Community (KHG)


ESG contact:



KHG contact:


Diakonie in Dortmund und Lünen

(Social welfare organisations)

Debt advice counseling and financial help for students who face financial hardships or already are in debt



Contact person:

Ms. Stefanie Baier


Personal counseling
Thursdays. 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. , Room 68 at Student Services (Studentenwerk)