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International Office

Social Counselng at the International Office offers support to international students who need help with financial problems, residential status or social matters.

Office hours and information



The „Zentrum für Studieninformation und Beratung" (ZIB) is a center which provides you with information and guidance on the demands and structure of your studies. Here you can find further information as well as useful tips concerning course contents, study requirements and study options as well as advice on your choice of subject.

For any personal advice or difficulties regarding your studies, the ZIB also offers psychological counseling.


ZIB website


Academic advisor

Academic advisors can provide you with specific information about your degree program. 

List of all academic advisors


International student advisor

An international student advisor is someone students from abroad can contact. You can find an international student advisor at each faculty.

Their duties:

  • counseling
  • the initial contact with the foreign students
  • answering questions foreign students might have
  • responding to letters of inquiry from the public services (Department for General Services for International Citizens)

List of all international student advisors



The “Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (AStA)” officially represents the interests of students at the respective university and also their political interests towards the university and the state. The ASTA committee is elected by the student parliament (StuPa) and consists of different sections e.g. educational policy, women’s policy, fundamental rights and civil liberties as well as culture amongst others.

The ASTA represents the interest of students towards the administration, the ministries or other authorities. Above all, the committee provides support for any problems or queries that students may have. The ASTA offers a wide range of services including publication of handouts as well as counseling services.


  • International student counseling
  • Women's counseling
  • Social counseling
  • Tenant’s advisory

For more information and office hours look here



The “Autonome AusländerInnenreferat (AAR)“ is elected and lead by international students.

The department not only organizes events but also offers counseling for international students.

Emil-Figge-Str. 50, AStA-Büro

+49 (0) 231 - 755 2584



Office hours and information


Meet other parents

We would like to welcome you to our meetings! Our meet and greet or the so-called “Elterntreff” is meant for parents with one or more child, pregnant women and women who would like to have children. Here you are given the possibility of meeting other parents to ask for advice on the subject of child care, on how to juggle your finances or tips on how to combine your studies, research or work with family life.

You are very welcome to come along and bring your children! There are plenty of toys and someone to look after your children.


For further information please contact:

Jeannette Kratz


"Campus Family Office"

In order to improve work-life balance in terms of studies, work and family, the “Campus Family Office” was established by TU Dortmund University, FH Dortmund and the family project from the city Dortmund.

The campus-family office

- informs and supports on the subject of suitable child care

- mediates helpful contacts on how to combine studying, work and family life

- gives advice on services offered for children, young people and families

- answers any questions you may have after and before giving birth


Office hours and information


DoBuS (Dortmunder Zentrum Behinderung und Studium)

The DoBus is an organization which supports students and applicants with

  • physical disabilities
  • visual impairment or blindness
  • hearing impairment or deafness
  • speech impairment
  • chronic illness
  • mental illness

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