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How to enroll as a doctoral candidate

Would you like to know how to apply for a doctoral degree at TU Dortmund University?

The application is processed by the concerning faculty.

If you want to apply for a doctoral degree, you need to find a professor at TU Dortmund University who is willing and authorized to advise you during your doctoral studies.

After the confirmation of the professor, the PhD Committee of the concerning faculty will assess if your degrees (from your studies abroad) are equivalent to German university degrees. After the assessment with a positive result, the Committee will grant the admission for a doctoral study.

You have received a letter of acceptance for a doctoral degree program?

In order to enroll, please send the required documents to the Admissions & Enrollment Office.


Postal enrollment

To enroll you need the following documents:

  • A letter which confirms the supervision by a professor

  • Signed matriculation registration form

  • A letter which confirms the supervision by the doctoral committee

  • Certified copies of your graduation degree (of the Bachelor and Master program) and the transcript of records + translation (English or German)

  • Copie of your passport with a valid visa for studying purposes (including an electronic residence permit and supplementary sheet)

  • A certificate of a German statutory health insurance (e.g. AOK or Techniker Krankenkasse) and accordingly a certificate of a private health insurance if your are over 30 years old

Additionally for applicants from China and Vietnam if required by the faculty:

  • Applicants from China and Vietnam have to enclose the certificate as issued by the “Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)” at the German Embassy in their country of origin.

Additionally for applicants from Pakistan:

  • HEC Attestation Stamp on the Transcript of records and Graduation Degree

Please note:

Please do not send us any original documents except the APS certificate.

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