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International Office


Wanted: International Experts


19.09.2019 – Dortmund School is looking for international students who share their cultural knowledge.


Change of the office hours


09.09.2019 – Additional office hours from the Admissions & Enrollment of International for the enrollment period


Voluntary Year at the International Office - Lisa Discher says hello!

Lisa Discher_Eat & Read Schild

05.09.2019 – There is always a lot to do at the International Office - our team welcomes Lisa Discher who is doing a voluntary service at TU Dortmund University


Open office hours for English-language applications

16.01.2019 – The open office hours for English-language applications for internships abroad can help you with your American "résumé" or British "CV" as well as with all of the little grammar problems in your cover letter.


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