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Competition of Ideas – “create diversity together” – Honoring the Award Recipients

On 6 November, during the International Reception, the winners of the competition of ideas “create diversity together” were honored and received prize money totaling €20,000.

Former Rector, Professor Detlef Müller-Böling, Chairman of the society “Bildungsengel – Initiative für Chancengleichheit durch Bildung e.V.” honored the winners of the competition of ideas “create diversity together”. The society donated a total of €20,000 as a birthday present on the occasion of TU Dortmund University’s 50th anniversary.

The award recipients (in no order of precedence):

  • Dr. Peter Furlan, Dr. Meni Syrou and Dr. Carsten Martin of the Faculty of Mathematics and the Center for Higher Education (zhb), Department of Foreign Languages for the Project "E-Learning Fachsprache – Deutsch für Mathematiker“ (Prize money: €5,000)
  • Christoph Teichmann, Frigga Göckede and Anna Lena Gurski of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the Project “Förderung von Interkulturalität in der Fakultät Maschinenbau“ (Prize money: €5,000)
  • Prof. (apl) Dr. Beate Bollig and Dr. Stefan Dißmann of the Faculty of Computer Science for the project “Mentoringprogramm in der Studieneingangsphase“ (Prize money: €3,600)
  • Senior students at TU Dortmund University and university partners for the buddy project “Patenschaftsprojekt zwischen Seniorenstudierenden und internationalen Studierenden“ (Prize money: €3,000)
  • Pia Kluth and Norbert Gövert of the University Library for the project “Dorfplatz der Vielfalt” (Prize money: €850)                                              

The award recipients were honored for their creativity and their endeavors at the International Reception on 6 November. The annual reception was part of this year’s “International Week”.