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Help with infection control: Contact the International Office electronically or via e-mail.













Your contact to the International Office in times of the coronavirus

Please contact the International Office via e-mail, telephone or post if you have any questions. In this way you will help to avoid large crowds in the waiting area and prevent the spread of infections.

After all, it is here that people come together who may have come into contact with the coronavirus during their travels.

It is not necessary to have a personal exchange during the office hours for us to deal with your requests.


How to submit documents
You can send us documents in two ways. This also applies to documents for registration and/or enrolment.


Deposit your documents in the after-hours mailbox in front of the building at Emil-Figge-Str. 61.


Via mail

Send your documents by post to:

Technische Universität Dortmund

International Office

Emil-Figge-Strasse 61

44227 Dortmund



You can reach us via e-mail or telephone at

Admissions & Enrollment Office

E-mail: zulassungsbereich.referat4@tu-dortmund.de          Phone: 0231 755-6349

Skype: Zulassungsbereich (live:.cid.c90b786e656d1617)      


Social Counseling

E-mail: verena2.wolf@tu-dortmund.de                                 Phone: 0231 755-2484


Studies and Internships Abroad

E-mail: laura.hope@tu-dortmund.de                                     Phone: 0231 755-4728


ERASMUS Incomings

E-mail: erasmus@tu-dortmund.de                                        Phone: 0231 755-7869


International Internships

E-mail: internships@tu-dortmund.de                                    Phone: 0231 755-7869


Refugee Counseling

E-mail: refugee.counseling@tu-dortmund.de                       Phone: 0231 755-4462


ERASMUS Outgoings

E-mail: erasmus-outgoings@tu-dortmund.de                       Phone: 0231 755-6247


In accordance with international and national recommendations, TU Dortmund University has instructed persons who have stayed in risk areas not to enter the campus for up to two weeks after their return. This applies to employees and students as well as guests.


Thank you for supporting our efforts to prevent infection.


(as of 28.2.2020)