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Groups and Clubs

International Student Society (ISS)

ISS brings international und native students together, organizes different activities and is involved in many cultural events.

ERASMUS Student Network (ESN)

ESN Dortmund helps exchange students to integrate during their stay in Dortmund and organizes various activities and events. Along with that, ESN links students from Dortmund returned from studying abroad.

English Theater Group (ETG)

The English Theater Group is a subgroup from ELSA (English Literature Student Association) at TU Dortmund University. The group has 30 active members who consider it their job to bring together international and native students in a relaxed atmosphere. The language used is English. New members are always welcome.

Intercultural Students Association (IHG)

The Intercultural Students Association organizes information stands as well as guest lectures with topics dealing with cultural coexistence. Furthermore, the IHG offers excursions to cultural events as well as periodic recreational activities.


Autonomous Foreigners Department (AAR)

The AAR consists of five elected student representatives that support the interests of international students at TU Dortmund University as well as organize and assist intercultural events.

Association of Chinese Researchers and Students in Dortmund  

The association sets up regular cultural events with a focus on Chinese culture and intercultural exchange.

Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists

DAAD Freundeskreis Logo

DAAD Freundeskreis e.V.

Diversity at all levels – that’s what makes DAAD Alumni & Friends. People of all age groups are involved in order to create unique experiences and lasting bonds. The focus is on enjoying exchange and being committed to international students.