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Certificate "Studium International"

What is the certificate "Studium International"?



At TU Dortmund University, cultural diversity is embraced! In the past few years, the process to create an internationally oriented course of studies for international and German students has been constantly pushed forward. A further step in this direction is the certificate “Studium International” which uses diverse cultural possibilities at TU Dortmund University. It rewards the promotion of exchange between German and international students outside of the university as well as individual involvement within the international field.

Students at TU Dortmund University receive the chance to evolve for their careers later on while completing their studies. They are able to do this by acquiring important key skills, e.g. in the fields of communication or cultural relations.

Through a widely varying offer of activities, students who are unable to study abroad receive the chance to participate in international affairs on campus. Those who have already been abroad are able to implement their experiences or provide guidance to international students from their previous host country in order help them have positive experiences. There are many creative possibilities for international involvement on and outside of campus. At the same time, students can get to know many people, experience exciting things and have fun!

On this website, you will find all of the information for the certificate “Studium International”. Here you will learn how you can participate, which components the certificate is made of, who your contact partners are and much more.

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This project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)