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Buddy Program

Every year, international students from all over the world are coming to TU Dortmund University to study for a semester or two within the framework of the International Summer Program (ISP) or to do an internship. In order to make their stay a pleasant one, we (the International Office) team them up with Dortmund students, the so-called "Buddies". These Buddies assist our guests during their stay and especially during their first days in Dortmund. This can, for example, include helping them with getting a cell phone or doing a campus or city tour with them. The most important aspects however, are to make international contacts, to build intercultural competence and last but not least to have fun together.


Exchange Students (South America, Asia, Africa)

TU Dortmund’s International Office attends to different groups of incoming students: students who are coming within university-wide student exchange agreements, for instance,  for a semester or two receive assistance with accommodation, enrollment, language courses etc. These students are coming from partner universities and it is often their first time in Germany. The Dortmund Doubles Program is a program that teams up students from the United States, Canada or Australia with Dortmund students. The ERASMUS Student Network (ESN Dortmund). Likewise, students from South America, Asia and Africa are the target group for the Buddy Program described here.



Most international interns are coming during the summer (May to August) and stay in Dortmund from two and six months. This group of students definitely needs the most support, since they usually do their internships outside of the university and do not belong to a regular exchange program.


International Summer Program (ISP)

The ISP participants study at TU Dortmund University during the second half of the summer semester (end of May to the end of July) in order to follow English-taught lectures, study German and/or do a research project. The International Office coordinates the program in cooperation with the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering and the Faculty of Cultural Studies. We always need a helping hand when it comes to excursions and other activities. Since the Dortmund Doubles help the ISP students, we will forward your application to the coordinator of the Dortmund Doubles Program.


If you are interested in the Buddy Program, please fill in the application form and send it to the email address mentioned in the form.

Have fun gaining another international experience!