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Reservation request and IBZ rooms

Room Reservation

Are you interested in hosting an event at the IBZ?

If you would like to host an event using one or multiple rooms in the IBZ, please send us a room reservation request using TU Dortmund University’s online service portal.


Please note: The International Meeting Center gives priority to events that are internationally focused. Reservation requests for non-international events will only be accepted four weeks in advance.


The IBZ-auditorium can fit up to 199 persons and has a seating capacity for around 150 persons. At the back of the auditorium there are two build-in benches.


  • 1 projector and projection screen
  • 2 microphones
  • 1 moveable high desk incl. 1 microphone
  • 1 mobile ramp
  • 1 piano
  • around 100 chairs (pre-arranged)
  • 3 table carts


IBZ_Saal_II   IBZ_Saal_I



Lobby and Kitchen

The bright lobby space with an integrated catering kitchen is fitting for receptions and other similar events.

Please note that the IBZ lobby connects to all other spaces within the building. The booking of the lobby space does not automatically include a kitchen booking. The kitchen needs to be booked in addition.



  • catering kitchen with all basic equipment (silverware, pots, pans, etc.)
  • refrigerator
  • coffee machine
  • electric teapot


IBZ_Foyer   K├╝che_5129



Seminar room 2/3

Seminar room 2/3 is intended for events with max. 30 participants.

The room has a moveable wall that allows either an open or divided format. If divided, each room offers space for around 15 persons.


  • 1 whiteboard
  • 1 flip chart
  • 2 pinboards
  • 1 projector and projection screen
  • 10 tables
  • around 20-30 chairs





Seminar room 1

Seminar room 1 is inteded for events with around 15 guests.


  • 1 whiteboard
  • 1 flip chart
  • 1 pinboard
  • 6-7 tables
  • around 14 chairs
  • 1 interactive monitor




Floor plan

IBZ Grundriss_2016_fiona