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USA Program

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USA FlaggeTU Dortmund University maintains many partnerships with universities in the USA. In addition to the exchange of students and faculty members there is also the possibility to participate in one of the many research agreements.

Due to the excellent relations with universities in the USA and the large number of students participating in an exchange to and from the U.S., TU Dortmund University has created a unique profile/position in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Dortmund as an academic location is becoming more and more popular with partner universities, and American students are almost just as eager to visit Dortmund as it is the other way around Approximately 40 students go to the United States (with a tuition fee waiver) every year. The exchange is organized by the International Office, in cooperation with the Faculty of Culture Studies (American Studies). Every year scholarships in the amount of almost US $400,000 are awarded in the form of tuition fee waivers. The exchange of teaching assistants in cooperation with the University of Iowa, the University of Virginia and Oglethorpe University extends the regular student exchange.

Because of the excellent counseling and supervision of the American students it is guaranteed that every year approx. 40 American students come to Germany in order to participate in a full-time study course or to study for one or two semesters at TU Dortmund University, enabling the same amount of students from Dortmund to study tuition-free in the United States.


International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

TU Dortmund University is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP, Washington D.C.). Students from ISEP-member institutions are eligible to apply for ISEP-Exchange programs in the US, as well as in over 50 countries across the world. ISEP-Direct opens up study opportunities across the world for students outside of the regular ISEP-Exchange program.

In Germany there are less than 10 universities taking part in ISEP. This gives Dortmund students the opportunity to study inexpensively for one or two semesters in the United States and in other countries. In the process an equivalent number of students are exchanged. Tuition is waved at the ISEP-partner institution.

ISEP provides access to more than 150 universities in the United States.


TU Dortmund University's US American Partner Universities:




UA Ruhr Liaison Office New York

Furthermore, the three Ruhr Universities founded a joint UA Ruhr liaison office in New York City in 2004, which is overseen by TU Dortmund University. For more information on the liaison office New York, please follow this link.


For students

You would like to apply for one or two semesters abroad at one of Dortmund’s partner universities in the United States? You can find all the information on studying in North America here.

You are a student from a U.S. partner university / ISEP-institution? Please click here.