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Impressions from Come2Campus

Experieces and Impressions


"The openness of all of the participants was the reason why we didn’t just exchange phone numbers but also recipes. After the information fair there was entertainment again. The play was well received. “ (Julia T.)



"I think it’s especially great that the international students have Come2Campus as an opportunity at TU Dortmund University in order to get settled quicker and find their way." (Lina M.)
"The exchange with the international students and the experience of finding out their reasons for choosing Germany as a place to study has widened my horizons and caused me to view TU Dortmund University differently. Namely as a university that brings people to leave their homeland for years with the hope of a better future at the end of their studies at TU Dortmund University.” (Kocou A.)



"Getting to know each other was reinforced through the many team building activities. It seemed to me  that there was a continuous positive atmosphere between the international students and their buddies that was prevalent in each group. (Janine O.)

"Through the event Come2Campus the international students, as well as the buddies, could learn a lot. An example of this is learning from the exchange of cultures and experiences at TU Dortmund University. They also gained motivation and the interest to participate in more events like this.” (Lena G.)
"Each one of my mentored students was thankful for this chance to gain information from experienced students who could act as a more enjoyable contact due to their linguistic and social flexibility.” (Okan A.)

"Success is not only for the others, but for you as well! Come2Campus is a success for our team as well as for the new participants. Friendly, motivated and intelligent new international students give me hope that the future will be better. I look forward to Come2Campus in Winter Semester 2019/20.”

(Wasila Al-Dubai) Event Planner