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Welcome to TU Dortmund University’s International Alumni Website! wordle_klein


We are glad that you have chosen the virtual route back to TU Dortmund University and look forward to helping you reconnect! This site can link you to the following resources and information:

If you are interested in contributing to our Alumni Network and/or would like to officially become part of it you can do so here. Regardless, what or how long you have studied at TU Dortmund University we encourage you to reconnect and take part. The TU Dortmund Alumni Network is a diverse group of short and long term students, researchers and professors.

Were you at TU Dortmund University during your bachelor’s or master’s studies?  If so, then please use this link to become an active member of this portion of our alumni network. Through this network you are able to exchange ideas, engage in activities and shape the way our network grows. Further, you can obtain more information about on-going and upcoming alumni events.

Were you at TU Dortmund University as a researcher? If so, we have a new online platform for you. This year, we opened our Alumni Researcher’s Platform. This new platform is generously being sponsored by the Humboldt- Foundation and a gives researchers the opportunity to reconnect and stay informed.


We thank you for visiting our website and encourage you to send us your questions, comments and feedback about the layout and content found on this site.

Your Alumni International Team



Alumni Newsletter - new edition online!

04_piktogramm_alumni news

30.04.2019 – Our newsletter keeps you updated on recent developments on campus and in the city of Dortmund. It also provides reports from international Alumni living all over the world. See the latest edition here!


Experience report

2015_come2campus (1)

12.10.2016 – Did you study one or more semesters at TU Dortmund University and want to share your experiences? Then create your experience report!


Join us on Facebook


31.08.2015 – Keep in touch with us via Facebook! You will find lots of information, interesting articles and stories - and we are looking forward to your input and comments!




31.08.2015 – These gifts and souvenirs will keep the memory of TU Dortmund University alive! The campusshop offers clothes, accesoires, merchandising articles and much more (in German).


Faculty Alumni Associations


31.08.2015 – Many faculties at TU Dortmund University have Alumni Clubs and associations. Members are invited to events, updated about the latest research projects and have the opportunity to connect with students, alumni and professors. Click here to find an overview (in German).


Alumni Profiles - Mustapha Haruna

Haruna Mustapha

31.08.2015 – TU Alumni from around the world tell you about their experiences during and after their stay in Dortmund. You might even find long lost friends and classmates among them. If you're also interested in sharing your story please register via our online registration form. We are looking forward to learning about your memories and experiences!


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