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Alumni International

Welcome back to TU Dortmund University!Allumni_44mm+21mm


Welcome to our international alumni website! We are happy that you found your virtual way back to Dortmund. We welcome everyone to be part of the TU worldwide alumni network, regardless of the amount of time you were a part of the TU university community. We encourage TU graduates as well as those who spent just a semester or a summer at TU Dortmund to join our network! 

We value your opinion, comments and critique of your time as TU Dortmund student. We encourage you to browse our website and contribute your input, stories and more!

Please feel free to contact us with comments and questions!

Your Alumni International Team



events_foto Events

Alumni meetings abroad, excursions in Dortmund and much more - our photo gallery gives you an impression about our alumni events.


karrieremesse_im gespräch_3 Careers and professions

After graduating at TU Dortmund University, you can take advantage of numerous options - finding a job in a company, a scientific career, founding your own start up company or continuing your studies - find an overview about the possibilities here.

cover klein Newsletter summer 2017 Newsletter

Our newsletter regularly keeps you updated on recent developments on campus and in the city of Dortmund. It also provides reports from international Alumni living all over the world. It is issued three times a year.



20150602_verona_italy Gallery

Pictures, pictures, pictures! At our events we always try to take as many pictures as possible so we can share the experience with you. Our Flickr-Pool offers you the possibility to take a look at the pictures and - if you like - you can also comment.


Alumni Ambassador

Our international ambassadors are volunteers, who are eager to represent, organize and coordinate on behalf of the TU Dortmund Alumni Network within their region of the world.

profin_karriere_hände_klein Contact




2015_come2campus (1) Experience Reports


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