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Experience reports

Experience reports

Do you want to know what your fellow students thought about their studies at TU Dortmund University and about their stay in Dortmund? What did they like best and which were the cultural challenges? Find here how they felt during their first days and which advice they have for future students in Dortmund!


"My first days in Germany were... Just AWESOME! Germany is very different from Brazil, in so many aspects"

Read more about the experiences of Lara from Brazil, who participated in the International Summer Program:

Lara from Brazil - June/July 2016 (ISP)



"[Studying abroad]...will be an unforgettable experience in my life, which became true during my course of study at TU Dortmund University"

Sendhil Raja from India made his Master in the study course "Process System Engineering". Read his full report here:

Sendhil Raja from India - 2010-2013 (Master PSE)


"Learning something new and doing something to the very best of it; is a principle that I hold for most in my life."

Read about Loran´s experience, who came to TU Dortmund University via the ERASMUS+-program from the UNPAR in Bandung, Indonesia:

Loran from Indonesia - 2017 (Faculty of Human Sciences and Theology)

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Did you also study a semester or your whole program at TU Dortmund University and want to share your experiences? Please fill out the consent form and the experience report and send it to

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