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International Alumni Seminar 2016

International Alumni Seminar 2016

Six years have passed since Chetan Raghuveer from India graduated with a Master´s degree from the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University: A good reason to come back to Dortmund this summer to participate in the Alumni Reunion and to see what has changed at TU Dortmund University since he left.

Together with Chetan, 16 other alumni from Turkey, India, Iran and China came to Dortmund to participate in this meeting of former students of the English-speaking study courses “Process Systems Engineering” and “Automation and Robotics”. The 15 men and two women of the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering and of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology took part in the four-day program. All expenses including travel and accommodation were financed by the German Academic Exchange Service with friendly support by the Gesellschaft der Freunde.

While the faculties designed the program in terms of professional aspects, the International Office took over the organization of the framework program. Professor Hoffmann (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and Reinaldo Hernandez (Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering) led through the presentations and moderated the talks regarding the topics “Modeling and Simulation,” “Mobile Robots and Automatics” and “Process Intensification.” Research assistants and professors from TU Dortmund University as well as some of the participants themselves held lectures about their current research results in their respective fields of activity. After the presentations the alumni showed their interest in lively discussions with the lecturers.

Rounding off the lecture series, Thorsten Hellenkamp presented the start-up company INOSIM, which a former TU Dortmund University student of Applied Computer Science founded in 2003 and has since developed into a leading technological company in the worldwide market of process simulation software, situated in Dortmund´s Technology Park. On the last day of the event the participants chose between two intercultural workshops and honed their skills for working in an international company or discussing problems and solutions in a social context at international research institutes – depending on their chosen professional careers.

In a meet-and-greet-breakfast current students of the study course “Process Systems Engineering” and “Automation and Robotics” had the opportunity to exchange information with the participants and through them learn more about the types of careers that are possible after their studies. The professional presentations were also open to current students. During a poster presentation the alumni had the chance to present their professional careers visually and to report about interesting jobs at Exxon Mobil in Belgium, Pearl Coating in India, Cargill in the Netherlands or even as a PhD Student in Sweden. The joint lunches and dinners offered a casual atmosphere for exchanging stories about the past years, student life at TU Dortmund University or intercultural differences.

Employees and student assistants from the International Office and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and of the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering made sure that the whole event went smoothly and accompanied the group to all cultural activities, which included a look at a rarely seen but vitally important part of the university´s technical infrastructure: a guided tour gave insight into the block-type thermal power station, and the group was also able to visit the university´s complex subterranean supply system as well as H-Bahn control room. A further highlight was a guided tour through the brewery “Hövels” in downtown Dortmund, and the grand finale was a 90-minute stadium tour in which the 17 participants were able to take a glimpse behind the scenes of BVB during a visit to Signal-Iduna-Park.

After the Alumni Reunion some of the participants took the chance to prolong their stay in Europe to visit friends from their studies here. For everyone the trip to Dortmund proved to be an enriching experience and a walk down memory lane.


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