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Careers and Professions


Graduates transition into the workforce

Would you like to continue living in Germany after you graduate from TU Dortmund University? This website will provide you with useful tips for living and working in Germany! Find information about the job search, applications, job interviews and much more. And don´t miss our career related events, like the International Career Fair, workshops and information sessions! 


Students and graduates can find jobs and interships via TU Dortmund University´s job portal (website in German).

Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer

The "Centrum für Entrepreneurship &Transfer" offers support for research activities, start-up services, qualification, property rights and transfer.


Workshop Berufsperspektiven
Continuing education

After completing your studies, you have numerous opportunities to keep on learning, for example at the Centre for Higher Education, Department of Continuing Education. On this website, you can get information about  certification programs, seminars and workshops.

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