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Alumni Ambassadors

TU Dortmund - Alumni International Ambassadors

Dear Alumni,

On this page you can find our TU Dortmund University International Alumni Ambassadors! Our international ambassadors are volunteers, who are eager to represent, organize and coordinate on behalf of the TU Dortmund Alumni Network within their region of the world. But they depend on YOU and your participation!

If you are interested in starting up a „Stammtisch“ ( a regular informal group meeting) or if you have other ideas ways you would like to connect with Dortmund and share your experiences, then take part and contact us!

Our International Ambassadors are in place as contact persons for potential or prospective study abroad students at TU Dortmund University. Ambassadors are there to help give you general information about the region and can give tips from their personal experiences.

In an effort to protect our ambassadors from unwanted spam mail, we have not provided you with their direct contact information. Instead, we ask that you send all e-mails International Alumni e-mail () and we will forward them to the appropriate person(s).

If you are interested in becoming a TU Dortmund University Alumni Ambassador in your region, please feel free to send us an e-mail! We will then send you our “Starter-Information” that gives you an easy to read overview of the ambassador program!


ambassador_alefanti lives in Kavala, Greece and studied in at TU Dortmund University via the ERASMUS program in the winter term 2010/2011. As an Alumni Ambassador, she took her TU logo all the way through Europe during a trip visiting friends she made during her ERASMUS semester in Italy, Turkey and Slowakia.

You can read her awesome article about her stay in Dortmund and her travels here!

ambassador_bogati - here in his office in Kathmandu - from Nepal finished his PhD studies at the Faculty of Spatial Planning in 2012 gemacht. Since his return to Nepal, he is working as a Reasearch Associate at an NGO in Kathmandu. ambassador_bogati_2

now lives in Puducherry, India. In 2013 he graduated in Process Systems Engineering at TU Dortmund University.

After he participated in the Alumni Reunion in summer 2016, a reunion for students of the study programs Process Systems Engineering and Automation & Robotics, he is an eager and motivating ambassador of TU Dortmund University back in India.

ambassador_kavale (second from left in the picture above) is an alumna from our university who finished her PhD studies in the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology in 2012 and is now Head of Career Service at Kaunas University of Technology. In June 2015, the Alumni International Team had the great pleasure to host a delegation from Kaunas University of Technology which visited TU Dortmund University via an ERASMUS Staff Mobility. Jolanta was accompanied by her colleagues Ovidijus Gudaitis (on the right) and Vaida Godvisaite (second to right).

Together, the group visited several institutions and departments on Dortmund’s campus and were able to get first-hand information about many topics. International educators participating in this kind of mobility benefit from the professional exchange and new perspectives, so we are looking forward to staying in touch!

Ailish Roberts

lives in Webster, New York, USA

Nick Markott

lives in Angola in the state of New York, USA

Stephanie Majercik

lives in Maryland in Oxon Hill, USA

Rydlova, Lucie

lives in the Czech Republik´s capital Prague.


Daniela Cantu

lives in Monterrey in Mexiko

Hervé Lauwerier

lives in Montreal in Canada

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