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Alumni im Profil - Mustapha Haruna

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Haruna Mustapha Mustapha came to Dortmund in August 2010 as a DAAD scholar in the SPRING (Spatial Planning in Regions with Growing Economies) Master’s program. He is currently working on the final phase of his thesis “Indigenous Knowledge, Science, and Native Forest Management: Possibilities for a Sustainable and Culturally Acceptable Strategy in the Valeriano Cayicul and Manuel Curilef Communities in Southern Chile” in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia, Chile. He hopes to complete the thesis in June and continue his career in the public service of Ghana.

Looking back at his time in Dortmund, Mustapha has many fond memories of the legendary H-Bahn and the beauty of the Technologie Zentrum. He has always told the story of his wonderful experience with the H-Bahn anywhere he went and it is his hope to replicate it at his home university in Ghana.