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Englischer Bewerbungsworkshop und offene Beratungszeiten an der TU Dortmund!

Does a photo belong on an American "resumé"? And what actually is the difference between a "CV" and a "resumé"? These questions and many more will be answered in workshops for writing English-language internship applications.

Are you thinking of applying for an internship abroad? The first step to getting your foot in the door is the written application. The internet is full of examples for "Lebensläufe" in English; however, you need to be sure that the form you use is appropriate for the country in which you are applying. For example, which countries are more accustomed to receiving applications in British English and which in American English?

An advisor from the Centre for Higher Education - Department of Foreign Languages will be leading a resume/CV (Lebenslauf) and cover letter (Anschreiben) building workshop at the date below. In this 3-hour interactive workshop, the differences between German and English (American and British English) examples will be examined. Also, common errors in language and structure will be reviewed.


The Workshop will be held on the following date (information to follow at the start of the SS 2017):

Day Date Time Room
t.b.d. t.b.d. t.b.d. t.b.d.


Registration for workshops:

Further information about registration will be made available at the start of the SS 2017.

Please try to create a first draft of an English resume/CV and/or a cover letter and send this before the workshop. During the workshop we will fine-tune your materials so that you can leave with a version that can be used when applying to companies.


The workshop will be held in the English language, but students of all levels of English should be able to understand and are welcome to attend!

In case you miss the workshop, you can also go to the open advising hours for English-language applications.

The new advising hours for the SS 2017 will be posted here shortly before the start of the SS 2017.


Anmeldung / Registration

Further information about registration will be available at the start of the SS 2017

You have to register in order to participate in the workshop!