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02.06.: Webinar on Remote Working and Remote Communication

Limited space is available for this free webinar. Learn along with students from a US-American partner university how to communicate with your employer in a virtual or remote work environment and practice your own intercultural skills as well!

During the summer 2020, TU Dortmund University and Lehigh University (USA) will bring their students together for several new virtual experiences:

  • As a part of Lehigh University's Global Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Dortmund and Lehigh students will be completing virtual internships in startups throughout the world. These 2-month internships will expose our students to working situuations in an intercultural setting and give them skills to deal with the new challenges in the workplace 4.0.
  • A series of three webinars will be offered free of charge and open not only to the Fellows, but to all Dortmund students interested in learning more and discussing international career topics with this diverse group. Rona van der Zander (see below) will host all three webinars. 


Webinar 1: Remote Working and Remote Communication in a Global Career Context (English)

Tuesday, June 2, 6 pm (approx. 90 minutes)

Virtual internships are the new normal - but how do you make the communication with your employer run smoothly, especially across time zones and diverse cultural backgrounds? Learn all the tips and tricks to deal with the challenges of the new remote workspace in an international context.

In order to register, please send Laura Hope an e-mail request along with your Certificate of Matricultaion/Studienbescheinigung. Space is limited to 10 non-Fellowship students.


Webinars 2 and 3: tbd (English)


About Rona van der Zander

Rona_VdZ Rona van der Zander is an entrepreneur and freelance lecturer at Universities in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. She cooperates worldwide with large companies, NGOs and international organisations (including the UN) in the field of innovative education and has worked in 8 different countries herself. She is the founder of GrowbeYOUnd, an agency that helps universities and businesses to build skills for the future. Rona works particularly with international students supporting them with their career planning and global opportunities.

Check out Rona's TEDx Talk on "The Future of Work and Education" on YouTube.